I created an AR poster as an homage to Cairo's amazing khayamiya craftspeople. The AR poster can be viewed via a custom made filter using Instagram's Camera.
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"Khayamia" is the traditional Egyptian craft of tent making. The term "khayamiya" comes from the Arabic word خيمة "khayma," which means tent. The craft involves creating colorful appliqué textiles by hand stitching various pieces of fabric together. 
The craft became significant during Egypt's Mamluk rule where the craftsmen would create textiles for tents, canopies and public processions. the aim of these tents was to impress. Dr. Sam Bowker described them as eternal traveling gardens.
Over the years, the Khayamiya craftsmen continued to evolve and modify their craft based on the changing artistic and cultural influences. They incorporate elements from different historical periods, including ancient egyptian symbolic art, Islamic geometric patterns, Ottoman designs, and folk Egyptian motifs.
Poster Illustration
I was inspired to create this poster after watching 2 great lectures by Dr. sam Bowker and Seif Elrashidi, who are both leading figures in documenting and preserving the craft. Additionally, Massimiliano Fusari’s photo documentation of Old Cairo served as visual inspiration for the project.
The modular look of the poster was inspired by the way khayamiya is displayed in Old Cairo, and the lengthy process khayamiya artists have to take in order to create 1 piece of work. This process requires a mastery of geometry, illustration, design and color theory.
Printed Poster
The Animations
AR Mini Cards
Style, Direction and color Explorations
Illustration process
Thank you!
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